About Me:

Graduate of the State University of
New York with a Bachelor of Science in
       Interdisciplinary Studies
       with a concentration in
   Psychology of the Workplace.

Certified Professional Coach

After many years of owning my own business, and having
studied both Psychology and Business as well as studying the
dynamics of the workplace, it was a natural progression to
formalize my life experience for this, my next step.  I was very
excited to begin the coursework to earn my Certified
Professional Coach Credentials.
 I am aware that I have coached my whole life.  In my small
business, I found it fulfilling to be fully present and earn the
trust of my employees and clients as well.  I was in a position
where I had to be aware of the big picture.  
  Knowing the full narrative, through active listening and
participation, the problems and their solutions become clear.  
It is exciting for me to help people “untie the knots” and offer
real courses of action.  This is precisely what coaching is all
 With a good listener at your disposal and a few small steps,
big changes occur.  
 My coaching starts with where you are
today.  It is important
in the process to know where you have come from. It's equally
as important to know where you would like to be in the future.  
I can help you with tools that will work. I will be there for you.  
I am excited to start our journey of discovery.

Certified Disaster Recovery Coach

Having lived in Northern California’s wine country during
the fires was a life altering experience.  Being evacuated
upended my life and the lives of everyone that lived in the
  Just when one thought that your life couldn’t get worse,
there were the stories of friends who lost their homes and
everything they owned.  And the stories of the loss of life?  
Unimaginable.  I realized that people needed
help with the new normal, to learn new ways of coping.  I was
grateful to hear of the Disaster Recovery Coaching
Certification.  It was enlightening to learn of ways to help
people with this specialized coaching.  And now in this
present day, we are living with environmental disasters and
pandemics that everyone must deal with.  With my
certification in Disaster Recovery Coaching I am grateful that I
may help you in a way that can make a life changing